About Us

We are a precision, performance drill team sponsored by Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale. The team is made up of volunteers and ride and train on our own bikes which are all Harley Dressers weighing between 800 and 875 pounds. We perform close order maneuvers, tight turns, quick reversals and high speed fly bys all set to music. Our aim is to entertain and, at the same time, to encourage training and promote safe riding.

Here are some of the articles written about us:

Please check out this link about our performance from AZ Bike Week 2016

Az Big Media

Desert Biker Magazine.

“In the early afternoon the Scottsdale Harley Drill Team, led by Richie Rich, put on a performance in the parking lot. I was blown f–king away by these guys. All of them had those giant, heavy bikes that I don’t like to ride, and they had control of them like I’ve never seen. You got to have some serious talent and guts to lean into a tight circle on a bike that heavy at a slow speed, scraping the ground with your foot peg. Then they went straight at each other, criss-crossing in front of each other at blinding speeds, totally trusting the other guy wouldn’t miss his mark. It was the highlight of the event”.

By Marty Backman


Road Runner Magazine

Like most gatherings of its kind, Arizona Bike Week is a festival of the visceral. Thumping motorcycles, loud bands, flaming burnouts, insane stunt shows, and over-the-top tattoos are the rule of the week. However, the AZ Bike Week organizers do a nice job of sprinkling in, almost covertly, a healthy dose of biker education and displays of advanced motorcycle handling skills.

This year, the Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale Drill Team delighted the substantial crowd with an entertaining show of synchronized riding prowess. The team of a dozen riders showed that massive touring motorcycles can be almost scalpel-like in their handling when guided by practiced and professional hands. The drill team members use radio communication and certainly countless hours of choreography and practice to steer, brake, and accelerate through an impressive series of close-proximity maneuvers.

The Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale Drill Team is a relatively new motorcycling entity. However, the popularity of the seven shows the group performed at AZ Bike Week was a testament to the team’s unity and production value. Of course, it is always the hope that riders in the audience will use the deft demonstration of bike maneuvering as inspiration to enhance and refine their own skills. While the drill team’s performance was designed to entertain, there is a powerful, if subtle, lesson. Training, practice, and an intimate knowledge of one’s motorcycle are keys to safety on the street.

I shot the first video at ground level to show the communication and interaction between the riders. The second is shot from an elevated view to show the choreography. Enjoy!

Harley Davidson of Scottsdale Drill Team Website: www.hdosdrillteam.com

By Tim Kessel